Employment Rates And Opportunities with Canadian Franchise Locations, Septic Tank Pump Truck Companies, Framed Art Stores, and Toronto Chiropractors

You might think that finding the perfect new home is the most difficult and time consuming part of any relocation, but you'd be wrong. It's finding a new job to pay for said new house that stumps most people. If you're lucky enough to be moving to London, Ontario because you've already found yourself a place operating a pneumatic conveyor at your cousin's warehouse, congratulations. The rest of you may find these employment statistics and job search suggestions helpful.

Unemployment Rate

As you are no doubt aware, 2007 and 2008 have been difficult years for London, for Ontario, for Canada, and for the North American continent as a whole. The double whammy of the recession and the subprime mortgage crisis hitting at a time when the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are acting like suction diffusers on the Canadian and American economies has made for a higher unemployment rate. London has fared worse than Ontario and the rest of Canada in general, rising to a high of 7% while the provincial and national rates hover around 6.5% and 6.1% respectively.

Common Jobs

Taking a look at the biggest job sectors in a city you're considering moving to is important, because it tells you whether there might be a job for you there. A Hamilton, Ontario lawyer might trade up to Toronto because of the proliferation of top law firms, not down to a town with no legal firms at all. The most popular industries in London used to be trades (including construction, maintenance, auto repair, etc) and manufacturing, but lately manufacturing has slipped to third and been replaced by health care. The next largest sectors are (in order): education, finance/insurance/real estate, scientific and technical, transportation, recreation, and agriculture.


How much can you expect to make at a job here in London? People in Canada with an identical job to an American counterpart, say a septic tank pump truck driver, would get about 8.6% less because employment insurance and health care benefits are docked from their pay, which leaves them better protected but with less in pocket. The current minimum hourly wage in Ontario is $9.50 per hour, going up to $10.25 at the end of March.

Getting Started

The human resources development department of the Canadian government runs a job posting board for London that covers all sectors that care to advertise within it: Hockey School Ontario coaching jobs might be listed between a part time bartending gig and a place on an executive council. You can visit it at www.jobs.gc.ca. Other popular sources for jobs include national networks like Monster and Workopolis along with classified ads in the print newspapers London Free Press, Globe & Mail, and online at Kijiji and Craigslist.

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